Art Terms


Abstract Art – is generally an exaggerated or simplified style which does not depict objects in their natural form, but instead uses color and form in a non-representational way.

Acrylic Painting – first used by artists in the late 1940s, their use has come to rival that of oil paints because of their versatility. Acrylic paints dry quickly and do not yellow.

Impressionism – is referred to as the most important art movement of the 19th century. The artist   captures the essence and emotions of a subject by use line, light and color.

Giclée – (gee-CLAY) a sophisticated printmaking process made from scanned paintings in order to  produce high quality limited edition reproductions.  Giclée’s are printed on fine fabric or museum quality archival white paper.

Linoleum/Lino-cut – a linoleum block is used to carve out images for making relief prints. The linoleum can be cut in much the same way woodcuts are produced, however its surface is softer and without a natural grain.

Etching– an intaglio relief printing process in which an etching needle is used to draw into a wax ground applied over a copper or zinc metal plate.

Artist Proof – a small group of outstanding prints for the artists use which have been set aside from the edition prints.
Limited Edition – a set of signed and number impressions of an original art creation.

Primary Colors – from the colors, red, yellow and blue it is possible to mix all colors of the spectrum.

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